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Animals Sighted

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Animals Sighted

Hi Mac Mac

At 4:21 pm your time there were automibiles looking at some of the animals.  The camera quality was so bad that I could not make out what the dog like creatures were.  There were four of them.  Were they the Black Backed Jackels?  They followed them for quite a while.  I also saw a few Wildebeests too.

I really liked watching the folks wander around looking at the animals, but I do not know why the camera quality makes it so hard to see things clearly. Sometimes it is crystal clear and at others it is fuzzy.

 Have a nice day.

Gerda (not verified)
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Hi Callie,

Those were wild dogs ! It's an endangered species and this is the first time they have been seen on the cam.

what a wonderful sighting !!!

You are welcome to join &  talk about the sightings you see in the Nkorho sightings forum if you want.

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