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An ordinary day cammming - 27 April 2009

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An ordinary day cammming - 27 April 2009

It is not early morning when I open the cams, about 9-ish CAT, so maybe the morning parade was over, but I sat down for a little "camming" while I waited for the bathroom to get free. I see I missed hyeana being followed by two black-backed jackals.

Fani soon joined me in chat and she promised to tweep for a while, because no-one was scheduled.

At NK impalas are grazing in the distance and you can almost feel  the peace coming from a scene like that.

At EP the cam zoomed in on a giraffe, stuck with its head in a tree!  Nothing wrong with that but my first impression was of a headless giraffe.  It melted so well into the tree.

the day of the headless giraffes

In the back zebras walked into the cam view.

There were two giraffes and one came for a drink and walked off. Then the cam panned to a young giraffe, who playfully danced around in slow-motion. 

They all left, birds drew lines through the image and in the grass you see the occasional head of a larger bird hopping up and down in their search for insects.

At NK some impalas came for a drink. The males let all know it's time to fight for a lady ...... or two ........ or ten , and they do that with much sound. Their rutting sounds carries far and almost sound frigthening.  I like to listen to the clanking of the horns when they spar, or to watch them when they walk high with their lips raised, smelling the air with their tails standing up.


A brief visit of several waterbuck on EP closed the morning for me. I had to start my day and it's almost noon. Typical for camming, time flies!

You'd think if the waterbuck comes to the waterhole to drink they'd stay a little longer or they must not be very thirsty.

Late in the afternoon the hadeda ibis came to sound the time to tjaila, but the grey go-away told them off, he said, "kwê, go-away!" it's too early.

just a pretty pic

zebras planning a hidden agenda

The afternoon glided into night as peacefully as the day was. When a fierynecked nightjar set in the evensong at EP baboons cut it short with a hell of a ruckus.  Ag, they are just as part of the african night.

When Giraffelover left I joked with her that the giraffes can come out. When I left I joked that nobody calls for the serval to come out. Later I saw a tweep by Gerda that there is a serval at the finger at NK and my first idea was that she was making a joke, but no, she wasn't, there really was a serval! The second time I miss a serval on cam only due to the cam window being covered up by something else! How lucky can you get?

Fortunately Sassabuck has already started his capturing program and the day was not totally lost. It was not firsthand but only a short second hand.

the elusive serval (pics taken from video by Sassabuck)

Today's ethereal pics

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Very nice relaxing read

Very nice relaxing read Ceri!  I've never paid attention to blogs before but this gets me very interested!  I will follow yours from now on!


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i like it - easy reading -

i like it - easy reading - it makes you feel like you are right thier at the pans

watching the animals- maby add  what the day  was like weather wise sunny -windy  or rain


good start i put it in my favourites ( book mark)


                            A F R I C A M    B O O K



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Nice diary Cerinthe ...!!!

Nice diary Cerinthe ...!!! Go on !!! Glad I shared that day with you and others too ...Smile

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Great blog!! Thanks Ceri!!

Great blog!! Thanks Ceri!!

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An awesome account of a day

An awesome account of a day of cam watching!  Thanks for sharing!

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