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Another female leopard with young. Awesome sounds of the bush

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Another female leopard with young. Awesome sounds of the bush


I can’t believe there was another visit of a female leopard with her young, this time at NK. It’s easy to see how one may fall victim of becoming blasé to leopard sightings in the Sabi Sands. That sighting was on the Friday past, the 7th August. I see on the Africam front page today that someone recorded a video of a leopard coming to drink at NK last night- apparently the two resident Egyptian Geese were not at all chuffed about this and made it pertinently clear by their strident gaggling.


This brings me to the other topic that I would like to introduce, which is the awesome sounds of the bush. There are two separate videos on Africam’s front page today that capture some fantastic animal sounds. The first video has an owl flying over the waterhole a few times. If it’s a Giant Eagle Owl, then the Egyptian Geese below truly do have something to be worried about. If it is a Giant Eagle Owl then I wonder why the geese aren’t going berserk ? - are they opting for the “don’t- make- a-sound-and-freeze” tactic, hopeing that they wont be seen, or maybe its not a Giant Eagle Owl ??!!.... Anyway, later on in the video we get to hear the piercing cry of a pair of jackal calling. Thereafter we hear the almost plaintive whoop of the Spotted Hyeana, which is one of Africa’s most vocal mammals- they have so many different cool calls, very distinctive; one of my favourites. The whoop is a contact call with the o rising in pitch.

The second video has the unmistakable, awe-inspiring, resonant roar of the lion- sheer power- especially when they do it next to your vehicle, the sound seems to go straight through your body.

There are so many sounds in the bush to fall in love with, I have fallen for them all. This is why I mention these LIVE sounds of Africa that we are so lucky to hear. Because if you are priviledged enough to have spent some time in the bush and heard some of its sounds, when I hear them live on Africam its unbelievably surreal. Memories come flooding through me and its if Im really there.

Below is a picture of that female leopard and her young from Friday night.



Thank-you to all who contributed to the photos and video.

Happy camming

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