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Ask a Ranger 2

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Ask a Ranger 2

Question : Why was the boomslang released next to the waterhole, what happened and how old do you think it was ?"

Answer by Julia :

We heard a funny noise in the morning, we spoke about it and I told Greg the last time I had heard a noise like that was when a frog had been caught by a snake and sure enough Wesley and Peter called us to tellĀ  that they had found the snake at the pond and it was indeed eating a frog. We waited for the snake to finish eating and because of it being a boomslang and the pond being so close to the main lodge we decided to have it moved. We spoke about it and Jacques suggested we let it go where you all on Africam would be able to see it which is the only real reason for letting the snake go where we did - no other reason.
I would have to say it is an adult female. Age I would not be so sure but not very big but a female because of the colouring


"While the highly venomous boomslang was content to digest the frog so near the Nkorho lodge, her relocation was necessary with guests staying only a few steps away. Ranger Greg could have released her into the nearby bush but found this to be an opportunity to show the viewers what she looks like as she moves across the dirt. Greg kept a close but safe distance away from her until he was sure she had wandered off to into the bush and on her merry way. This quick view was one that perhaps the guests in the lodge even watched, enabling them to be more familiar with the venomous but highly respected snake. Awareness is always the first step to safety in the bush, and seeing what you need to be aware of makes it a little easier to remember."