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Ask A Ranger #4

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Ask A Ranger #4

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This month's question :
What is the smallest antelope in Africa?

Answer :
The smallest duiker in Southern Africa which is where we all are is the Blue Duiker. Measures 300 mm at the shoulders and females weighs 4.7 kg, males only 4 kg. The coat is blue-grey. Both sexes carry short sharp horns, which are often concealed by a tuft of hair. I have bot been lucky enough to see one even when working in Kwazulu Natal where there was said to be quite a few. But they are mostly forest dwelling and tend to hide in the thickets alot and they are quick moving when out in the open. The Blue Duiker is widely distributed from the Eastern Cape to parts of West Africa. However, as a consequence of its habitat preference the distribution range is as disjunct as is the indigenous evergreen forests they frequent. The species is classified as rare in the South African Red Data Book. Diet: Leaves, buds, shoots, grasses, fruit, insects, eggs. Main Predators: Leopard, small cats, civet, eagle, crocodile, python,
monitor and crowned eagles.

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This is a brilliant idea,

This is a brilliant idea, please can you tell me why do elephants cross their  legs i have often seen them do that.regards Doris (tomatotamata)

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i like the  idea of a

i like the  idea of a animal

or bird species  for each

isue-  could you please also  post a photo  of the species featured ?

thank you

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