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Hey I have a general Question:  Has anyone seen any animal attack another and kill for for food?  I am new to all this and I love it....

henson820 (not verified)
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Thank you all for your responses---I am at work and can't get any work done---yes I am addicted.  I love this....I will go to the pics and explore more tonight...I have to get a little work done here....


Thanks again


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Hello Henson, welcome to the boma Smiling

It was very close one day! We did see a kill on cam,  but it was just too far out to see clearly even though Karin tried her best.

A pair of cheetah killed an impala on 6 January 2007, you will find pics on that day in the streaming pic thread

And you can read what Karin had to say in her thread in the wateringhole - Karin's thread

Keep watching, you never know what will happen next Smiling

Marblehead (not verified)
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Hi! The Christmas kill of 2006 was off camera, but it was very evident that there was a kill being made. There was lots of footage of the aftermath the next day. Go to streaming cam pics and video's from that date where you can view the events of it.

There was also a lion kill of a zebra, again, where it was heard off cam but was excruciatingly long and vocal. That is also somewhere, but I am not sure of the date. I also find it very difficult to want to revisit that recording, as the sound of a distressed zebra makes me very sad. Hearing it live was quite enough for me.

I have never seen an actual kill in front of the cam. I have seen some very tense moments in front of cam where anything could have broken out at any given second.

As my late father used to say "there is a first time for everything". I would imagine with the two cams up now, EP and NK, eventually it will happen.

Ladys Mom (not verified)
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Hi!  And welcome to your newest addiction! LOL  I've been watching the cam for a little over a year now.   In that time I have not witnessed a live kill.  There was a sick cape buffalo that died a few months back right in front of the lodge & we were able to watch the results of that for a few days following.  It was amazing to watch the various predators do what they do!

Christmas Day of 2006 there was a kill at or near the waterhole but that was before my time.....I've only seen it in pictures.  I have no idea if the lions made the kill actually on-cam or if it happened out of cam range & then the carcass dragged into cam range.  You can find the pictures on the "Streaming Cam Pictures" thread!  Hope this helps!  If anyone else knows anything more, I'm sure they'll post here as well.  Again...WELCOME!

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