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Attention Pic Posters....

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Attention Pic Posters....

If you use Tinypic to host your pics please create an account.  If you don't have an account your pics will be removed after 90 days and will show on the forum as....

If you use other sites such as photobucket, Flickr, etc.,  to host your pics,  please don't delete or move them from your account.  We have lost many early pics from Africam because of this.

Thanks very much and keep posting! Smiling

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Joined: Dec 27 2008

For all the German. At http://www.album.de can per month 3000MB pictures have never had problems,the pictures are free of charge high load it must be there but register,is also available even after many years free.



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Good reminder, Barry. Also, if you change the location withIN the host, it changes the link. Awhile back, I decided to organize my Photobucket pics. It broke the links to where I posted them on the forum and elsewhere.

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hello-  and thanks to those that post

streaming cam pics -

if it is at all possible

to those that post -  could you not

deleate you cam pics from

photo bucket or  tiny pics

as ---when members look at the

streaming cam sites months or years from now

the photos are still their

if you look  back at some of the early

postings   many many are now lost

some due to  tiny  pics  delating all

pics after  three years

others were deleated by the member

this is just a request  --  not an order lol

other wise i would be in penalty box -  AGAIN



Gracie (not verified)
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As far as I know Tinypic has always been associated with Photobucket.

Here is a free image host that does not delete pictures after 90 days Smiling



Unlimited bandwidth

Accounts now available but not neccessay

Create txt/js/css File


Max Upload Size: 10MB
.abr, .apng, .bmp, .css, .gif, .ico, .jpg, .js, .pdf, .png, .psd, .pspimage, .rar, .tga, .tif, .txt, .xcf, .zi

Iceage (not verified)
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Hi There,

I looked at the daily seeings on 24/25 december 2006. ( when the lions killed a buffalo) It is really strange. A lot of tinypic uploads are deleted , but also a lot still are viewable.(also Tinypic uploads) Some even in 1 post 2 are deleted and 2 are still there.  I dont understand the policy on what they delete and what they dont delete.

I have sended 2 emails at the day this topic started ( but still no reply).

I just made a registration and created an album.

Like Fani also said it is very user friendly. It works the same: Upload a picture (same way as always) save it in a created album, and copy the img settings and paste it in the correct topic at Africam.

When having a registration ( free) it also allows you to upload more picture's as 1 by 1.

Well as also was said nothing is sure on the internet but i hope this way all the tinypic uploads will be safe for years.

I dont know if admin saw this topic , as i said i have no idea what the cost are to create an upload server on africam itself so we can upload our screenshots directly to africam.

Be Safe and Take Care.




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Thanks Ice ...for your interest and your thoughts ...Smile

I know that everything in web isn't for always ...this is why ..external hard disk is something you must always have beside you ...Yes ..I didn't miss anything ...but it is a huge work to upload them again ..on Boma and blog ..The date of last updates at help on Tiny pic is 28 Oct. 2008 ..so I suppose they started to delete pictrures lately ...as before christmas holidays I could see all ...I'm almost sure that they won't delete all at once ...but slowly ...

I agree with you that the only safe place for boma ...is to upload snapshots immediately here ..

My decide is to keep working on blogger ...even I don't trust them too ..at least it is less work for me LOL . Only it needs a new account and a new page almost every year !!! .Let's hope at last Google we will treat us carefully in future !!!

Iceage (not verified)
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Hello all (espacially Fani)

I have just seen this topic . I was away suddenly 5 days.

When i go to Tinypic.com now i do not see any changes! (i emptied my cache) Cleaned my computer from all history and went again to tinypic.

I cannot find any info on Tinypic's site about the changes.

I went to Fani's BIG BLOG! and i checked a couple of hundred old uploads they all work!

I do not doubt what is posted in this topic! But maybe ? I just wonder? things have been set back to as they used to be ?

On many many forums ppl use Tinypic as there uploads.

I can imagine that they have gotten a BIG BIG amount of emails!

Its unclear to me were i can find the new policy? can anyone help me on that?

It is also not clear to me if it really is gooing this way as described above .. will  they delete ALL old uploads ore is it just starting for new uploads? and will the old uploads from years ago be safely stored so they keep on working!

I know that Fani has put a HUGE energy and time in keeping her blogs up to date! ( thank You! Fani!)

I have knowledge on a forum about the universe ( star watching) that has thousands and thousands of uploads at Tinypic about picture's taken from telescoops, The space-shuttle , the space labs, and more.

I really cant imagine that it will be all trown in the trashcan.

I do now sometimes "free sites"are created and when they run well allover sudden they go for money (:

It happened to Photopoint.com also ( it was a free photobook for anyone) and when the site was really running well ( over 5 million members) they allover sudden asked for $ .

I had uploaded about 800 picture's there (from a camera) ( with a 14.4 k modem and wanted to be save on that  so i payed 49,95 for a year.

3 weeks later the site was down. (:

I am not saying that it was done on purpose! but imagine 1 million ore more people have been paying !

I also know from Tinypic that it did occur several times that uploads were deleted and the properties they had were given out again to new uploads.

That creates a really strange situation! Because a topic with uploaded picture's allover suddenly had picture's that were completly different and not relevant to the topic!

For here on Africam there is a way i think to prevent thoose things.

If Africam opens it own "upload" server available for uploads only from the webcams and we all use that to upload our screenshots we have it in our own hands!

I have no idea what the cost are to create a server like that.

anyway i am willing to donate to  such a server! (africam screenshots )

also site's like Photobucket, flickr are very good indeed but who can tell  they will still exist in 5 years???

Fortunatly i have saved each and every screenshot i took on a hard drive ! ( Fani have you also saved all you'rs ?)

maybe its an option to backup and save you'r complete Blogs on your Harddrive so you always have everything you have done on your PC.. ( I already saved quit a few pages of your blogs)

But it is impossible to go back in time and upload them all again 1 by 1  in the correct topics.

I do hope i get an answer back from the Tinypic team.

Wishing you all goodluck!

Espacially Fani!

it must have been a big shock to you to read this topic and realize that maybe all the hours , days, maybe weeks of uploading and keeping your blog can all be vanished just by 1 push on a button on the server were you stored them!

A Big Hug Fani!

Take Care.


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bandwidth is the amount of data being transmitted and is what really is a major cost factor for the websites.  Simplified.. think of it this way.. if you have one picture that is 20 kb on this page.  and 5 people view the page, it sends a total of 100 kb from photobucket to the viewers pc.  Any time a picture is seen it is coming from photobucket unless it is cached on the pc already which in most cases it isn't.  Hope this helps.


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I did a try on photobucket ...if you want my opinion ...is a complete site to work with pics and photos ...and I understand why you choose it ...and really I hope it won't change boss and policy ...the next years ..Wink

But my impression is ...that you must use it for sometime to learn how it works ...it is rather slow ...and not too friendly as all the applications with a lot of abilities ...For fast and without a lot of thinking work ..tiny pic is still the best site ...and maybe this is why photobucket keep it alive ...but after the delete of old pics ..who can trust it ...for the future ....If they change boss ..or if photobucket decides to transfer all at the main site ?? (It happened before some years with yahoo pics and flcr !!!No I didn't lose my pics then but I had to transfer !!! )  

Gerda (not verified)
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Yes you can open different free accounts, also on photobucket, you just have to register with different email address.

I just hope photobucket won't decide to delete pics in the future... than I have a big problem... Shocked


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