Awkward Aardvark

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Awkward Aardvark

For anyone with small children, Awkward Aardvark was one of my daughter's favourites. It was written by Mwalimu Kennaway and the awesome illustrations are by Adrienne Kennaway. ISBN 0-7737-2280-7. Another great children's book is Brave Lion, Scared Lion by Joan Stimson and illustrated by Meg Rutherford. It tells a wonderful story of two very different brothers that are loved equally. ISBN 0-590-90985-1 Both books were read over-and-over. I hope to share the same moments with my new daughter. Laughing out loud

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Thanks Sabine, I was looking them up on the internet, as I am looking for books I can read to my grandchildren.
I'm sure your new daughter will love it too Smiling

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