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Baby baboon IV

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Baby baboon IV

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Elephant Plains-1

Here he is again, the little baboon at EP

31 October 2009


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 Gerda, I sent this as a

 Gerda, I sent this as a Father´s Day( here 8.10) gift to my son in law!

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I think that was about the

I think that was about the cutest thing I've ever seen in my entire life.  Oh my that little guy is a rascal!!! It's weird how they are so human like.  A film giant like Disney could have five years, millions of dollars, resources, CGI effects, writers and the like and never come up with anything sweeter, cuter, or funnier than this webcam footage right here.

Amazing!!! Tongue out

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I was chuckling when I

I was chuckling when I watched him this afternoon and laughed again now when looking at the video - he's gorgeous!!  His poor mother!

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Lol, Gerda. I love this

Lol, Gerda. I love this little guy! Such a pest and SO cute.


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Thanks Gerda. What a cutie

Thanks Gerda. What a cutie he is. I think it is great the way you are keeping us informed of his progress. He'll be swinging through the trees soon!

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