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Back Pain on Safari

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Back Pain on Safari

Hello everyone,

How do we feel the African roads are for back pain? As in, I am currently in the process of trying to convince my mother to come out to Laikipia on safari but she is nervous that it's going to aggravate her back which she has had problems with in the past. Nothing serious, but uncomfortable nonetheless.

My dad used to come out with my uncle a lot, and he had a bad back, but actually found the rolling and jolting of the roads soothing! After a week a way he said he never slept better! (Any actual medical reason for this ...?)

There will be no camping - I've told my mother we can make it a very refined safari, if that is what is required; no crawling through the undergrowth this time it seems!  I might get one for myself here to sleep better. They have good organic products which goes well with my style of living here.

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