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Bad News For Rhinos

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Bad News For Rhinos

The World Wildlife Fund recently released an article detailing the latest figures concerning rhino poaching in South Africa and it is not good news.

According to statistics from the South African National Parks Department almost 200 rhinos have already been killed this year. If this trend continues, there is a very real chance that even more rhinos will be poached this year than last year.

Rhino Day (Sept. 22) is quickly approaching and Africam is planning on using this annual event to bring as much attention to this growing problem as possible. Help us spread the word about the rhino poaching crisis, and stay tuned for upcoming news on Rhino Day.


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As unpopular as it may be to

As unpopular as it may be to criticise the cultural norms of another society, in this case it is substantially justifiable. To exterminate an entire species based on a myth is not only misguided but criminal.

Who stands to gain? not the buyer of the product, it is worthless and has no medicinal value whatever.

So the poacher then? Perhaps, but what money they do receive must be weighed against the lethal risk of a 3 ton enemy capable of unbridled aggression; and the possibility of capture or worse.

No, somewhere here is a body of souls that take no risks, that do no dirty work and who exploit all others in this devastating pursuit of wealth.

That wealth should be found and confiscated, the trade itself should be exterminated, not just fought little by little, drop by bloody drop.

Find the money, find the real killers. Exploit them for a change and see how they like it.

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Just over a century ago,

Just over a century ago, Africa's giant "white" rhinoceros Ceratotherium simum came back, in South Africa, from the very edge of extinction.

In 1897, less than 100 of these giants (they grow exactly twice as heavy as the black rhino) survived in a small area in Zululand. That tiny group somehow preserved enough genetic diversity to provide a foundation for the resurrection of this species. Under effective government protection, its population increased to around 12,500 by 2007. (Africa's other white rhino populations have, in contrast to this, all disappeared.)

It is doubly tragic, therefore, that poaching has now stopped the growth of this last population of white rhinos, and has raised, once again, the spectre of its disappearance. What a test for Homo sapiens! Is it as powerless to prevent itself from wiping out this animal as the Maoris were to stop themselves from exterminating New Zealand’s great Moas and giant eagles 800 years ago?

Or as powerless as the Indonesians and Malaysians who seem unable, in our own time, to prevent the disappearance of the last of the unique Sumatran rhinoceroses?

See http://www.megafauna.com/chapter3.htm

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From News 24 Poaching -

From News 24

Poaching - Kruger Park ranger arrested
2011-07-26 21:00

Pretoria - A Kruger National Park game ranger has been arrested in connection with alleged rhino poaching, SA National Parks (SANParks) chief executive Dr David Mabunda said on Tuesday.

In a statement, Mabunda said the ranger, who was arrested on Monday, had been linked to previous rhino poaching incidents in the park.

"Internal disciplinary and criminal processes against the ranger will run concurrently and we hope for a speedy trial and believe that justice will prevail," said Mabunda.

"Rangers are guardians and a key force in protecting these rhinos. Those who do not aspire to these values should be flushed out and brought to book."

A total of 131 suspected poachers have been arrested, 65 of them in the Kruger National Park, since January.

Fifteen suspected poachers have also been killed and nine have been injured in clashes with Kruger National Park rangers since the start of the year.

So far this year 227 rhino have been killed, 20 of them in July.

The ranger would appear soon in the White River Magistrate's Court in Mpumulanga, said SANParks spokesperson Wanda Mkutshulwa.



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