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Beautiful Male Lion's Visit at NK 08/04/08

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Beautiful Male Lion's Visit at NK 08/04/08

Absolutely Amazing Sighting! What a Beautiful & Relaxed Young male! May we see more of him in the future and his Brother if this is indeed one of the Manyeleti Males!


"Bright Side of a Safari!" Lion at Nkorho 08/04/08 - 1

"Bright Side of a Safari!" Lion at Nkorho 08/04/08 - 2



Karen A (not verified)
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Thank you so much for sharing your videos Aquila.  It was so nice to watch that magnificent lion again.  Seeing it live was just awesome (1st male) and watching the video of his visit was just great.  Thank you, thank you.

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Wonderful memories. As always, thanks a zillion, Aquila!!

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Joined: Mar 7 2007

Well done, Aquila!!  How anyone could look at these videos and see anything other than The King Of The Beasts, strutting his stuff, is beyond me.  Only someone who is totally ignorant of animal behavior would see this as harrassment.

3 Cheers for Africam and Nkorho for bringing us this wonderful event, and 3 Cheers for Aquila for capturing it!!


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karen-inVA (not verified)
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Thanks Aquila for the wonderful stroll down Memory Lane. It was just as exciting to watch again today as they all were when we saw them live.
Those Wild Dogs are surely something to watch. Pretty much all the landies can do is sit back and watch them as they run around in every direction including circles... lol

That Beasty Boy... he sure enough thought he was more than "the king" didn't he. Just lazily walking around, guess he didn't have any thing to be afraid of did he! Eye-wink

Aquila (not verified)
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Wow! Been moving my videos to an external drive and ran across some of my favorite sightings. Thought I would share them!

Love the Wildebeest Chasing them especially at the very end. Though they weren't too bothered by them nor the Landies.

Beautiful & Relaxed! He know's he is the "King"! Look at him sauntering off at the very End without a worry in this World! LOL Looked like even the Landies didn't deserve any attention other than a sneeze! Smiling



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