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Beautiful colours of the Brownhooded Parrot

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Beautiful colours of the Brownhooded Parrot


It was great to see those Brownheaded Parrots drinking at Nk. I find the colour green in all the Parrots so striking and sharp that it would be nearly impossible to replicate in a paint or spray. Actually I believe this to be true for the colours in a number of bird species. In flight the underwing of the Brownhooded Parrot is bright yellow; no yellow patches visible at rest as in Meyers Parrot, but it hybridizes with it, so intermediates occur occasionally.

The Brownhooded Parrots distribution is South and East Africa; in southern Africa its confined to the extreme East, as far south as Zululand.

They are usually gregarious in small groups; flocks of up to 50 birds at a good food source. They are very noisy but can be difficult to see in leafy trees; clambers about with feet and bill while foraging; holds pod in foot while extracting seeds.

They feed on fruit (like figs), nuts, grain, flowers, nectar, seeds.

The nest is positioned in a hole in a tree up to 10 metres above ground. Incubation is about 26-30 days by the female only; the male feeds the female on the nest. There is a video of the parrots on the Africam front page.




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