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Bird call identification

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Bird call identification

Hi there - can anyone help me identify the bird that sings like a frog? Ok its hard to describe in text, but it sounds kind of like a frog, its a very common call I hear during the day at the watering hole, kind of like a short chirrup then a longer drawn out chirrup followed by a short chirrup again, the 3 phase call repeats over and over, any ideas would be great, I'm going through some of the bird call clips and havnt found it yet...

Any help I'd be delighted


Izabella (not verified)
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I was just coming back to say I found it in the background recording of the Black-headed Oriole sound clip... but thats it!!! you guys already identified it!!

Thanks a million! It has been my favourite bird call for years & I could never figure it out!

Thanks sooo much!

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Hi and welcome to the forum.  It sounds like the cape turtle dove by your description.  See if that is it on the sounds of Nkorho page fani gave you. 


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Izabella can search at this wonderful site created by Gerda and Katja    Sounds of Nkorho ...

Maybe then you can identify more sounds Wink

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