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Bird ID?---link now included

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Bird ID?---link now included

Hi nice folks,

I need another ID on a bird. This shot was taken at night in the Sabi Sabi region. The lights of the landie lit it up and it stayed there until we turned of the lights. Someone on the web said it was a nightjar or nighthawk. I know it is an insect eater and thats about it.

Oops...forgot the link



Mike Smiling


Mike Moss http://www.pbase.com/mytmoss www.mytmoss.com Planning my next trip !

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It's a nightjar but I don't know which one. There are several species in the area and they all look the same to me. :?

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Interesting. In that pose and with that coloration, at first glance I would have thought it was a Whipporwill (if the photo were taken in New York).

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