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Bird ID needed as well

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Bird ID needed as well

Hi guys!

 I am working for a touroperator now, and our photographer has just come back from the Gambia. He has given me some marvellous bird pics to identify, and most I succeeded with, just these two I struggle with:


And now you know why my struggle, these are not the best pics of the lot, lol!

The next one I have identified as a male red-cheeked cordon blue, can anyone corfirm this?

Any help is greatly appreciated, I am so frustrated Laughing out loud

Also, during my research I found this useful website, it's Dutch but I am sure non-Dutch speakers will find it usefull too. If you click "zoeken" you can search the database using English names, Dutch names or scientific names! If anyone needs any help, just let me know.


Fabby (not verified)
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Thanks ever so much Gerda! I think it must be those two indeed Laughing out loud

Gerda (not verified)
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and bird no. 2 could be a Village Weaver - Ploceus cucullatus you can find a picture here


a great website with lots of good bird pictures is "click here"

you can find pictures of birds from all over the world there.


Gerda (not verified)
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Hi Fabby,

Bird no. 1

could it be the Lavender waxbill or Lavender firefinch  - Estrilde caerulescens ?

you can find another picture of it here

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