Tembe and Nkorho Cams are down. We are working on solutions.

Black Eagle

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Black Eagle

I'm interested in your Black Eagles and I like to watch their progress through the cam everyday, could you please send me the black eagles feed to my e mail at einsteinwilliams@shaw.ca

thank you Judy of garynd judy

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Thanks Judy. BE is down and has been reported. Hopefully will be back up by daylight. As you know, BE has no night lighting Smiling.

EDIT:  BE is back as of 8:00 PM CAT (Central Africa Time). Smiling

garyandjudy (not verified)
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Just want to inform you that the Black Eagle cam has been down for 2 hours now and could you please put it back on line as Mbuso is fgetting ready to fledge and I would like to see the fledge if I could as last year Bafana was taken from the nest with a broken leg and never did see him fledge.  Hope I can view Mbuso's fledge anyday now so please put the Black Eagle cam back on thx Judy of garyandjudy

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You can get the feed via Africam.com at the top where it says live safari cams you will see it listed when you mouseover the drop down menu. You can click on the full cam,pop up cam or chat player cam to view it during daylight hours since there is no night lighting there and no sound due to being next to waterfall. Hope this helps.


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