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Black Eagle Beats The Odds As Eaglet Hatches From Second Clutch of Eggs

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Black Eagle Beats The Odds As Eaglet Hatches From Second Clutch of Eggs

After a long breeding season, and her first two eggs being unviable, Emoyeni the Black Eagle of Roodekrans has beaten the odds and produced a baby eaglet from her second clutch of eggs.

When the incubation period for Emoyeni's eggs ended nearly 4 months after her first clutch was meant to hatch, her chances of bringing a healthy eaglet into the world in 2013 did not look good. Her advanced age, the rising heat of summer and the fact that her first 2 eggs were not viable led many to believe that this second attempt would also be unsuccesful.

It turns out the mother nature had a different outcome in mind.

On Saturday September 28, we all got our first glimpse of Emoyeni's new baby eaglet. Popping its head up from inside its new home to grasp a first meal from its mother. This case of will overcoming nature is cause for celebration, but Emoyeni and her newborn are not out of the woods yet.

The first hurdle for the wild eagles is finding food for the chick in an area where escalating urban development has taken much of their hunting territory. You can read more about that issue and sign the petition to help protect the bird's environment HERE. In addition, Black Eagles breed in winter so that the eaglets do not have to deal with the intense heat of summer, but Emoyeni's offspring will be forced to tackle that challenge head on.

For now all we can do is continue to watch and root for the chick to beat the odds just as its mother did.

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