Naledi and Idube Cams are down. Olifants River cam is down due to damaged fiber switches. We are working on solutions.

Black Eagle Camera Update

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Black Eagle Camera Update

Africam would like to inform all the bomites that the camera will be fully functioning as soon as the maintainance is done.


Gerda (not verified)
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Thanks Raymond.

Curious to see if the eaglet will still be on the nest.

I read on the Black Eagle site that they named the young eagle "Nkosi", lovely name !!

this was posted there on 29/8/07

"Nkosi spent a week on the nest contemplating whether to leave or not after his unexpected escapade last week - after much wing flapping and jumping on and off the rocks by the nest he looked down spread his wings and took to the sky at 3 o'clock on Monday 27th August. Not sure if he had done the right thing he returned to the nest the next day in the hope the adults would bring him some lunch, unfortunately that desire didn't happen and once again he left the nest site to land on a tree nearby. It is time for Nkosi to perfect his flying and hunting skills over the next three months before he will be have to leave the nesting gorge."



susan szukala (not verified)
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Hi Raymondm,  We appreciate how hard you all work to keep the cams up and running.  I am sure it is a labor of love..

dolly7530 (not verified)
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raymond could i ask you what happen to the elephant plains cam?SmileWink

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