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The Black Eagle Chick Gets A Name, "Jono"

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The Black Eagle Chick Gets A Name, "Jono"

Each year of the Black Eagle breeding cycle we hold a contest where viewers can "name the chick". This year instead, we will be paying tribute to a man who was at the forefront of making sure that each year we were all able to watch these magnificent birds.

Jon Oliver, CEO of sadly passed away just a few days before Emoyeni's chick was born in June, 2014. Therefore, we think it only fitting that this eaglet should be named "Jono", which is what he was always called by his friends and family.

Jon's work with the Black Eaglet Project over the past five years was truly cutting edge. He worked tirelessly to make sure each and every year the project, and the live camera used to monitor it, would be a success.

His contributions to the Black Eagle Project will be sorely missed, but we know his memory will live on through Emoyeni's baby eaglet, "Jono".