On The morning of Wed, Sept 10 Jono spread his wings and took off for the first time. He and his parents continue to be spotted in the area, so we will leave the camera on in case they make another appearence. Congrats to Jono , Emoyeni and Thulane on another succesful breeding season at The Black Eagle Project.

 NOTE: The solar system on the cliff face has been damaged, so the camera will sometimes run out of power during the night.

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The black eagles are wild and the botanical garden you are watching LIVE is their home. The mountainous area where they nest each year is under threat of urban development. You can help by signing the petition to protect the region below:




This LIVE camera is dedicated to broadcasting the wild Black Eagles of Roodekrans from Johannesburg, South Africa. This latest conservation project focuses on the ambitious task of capturing the breeding cycle of the black eagles as they attempt to raise a new chick. What makes it so ambitious is that the nest of this particular pair of eagles is embedded into the sheer rock face of a 50 metre (164 feet) high cliff. To bring the story to people’s computer screens would require not only the use of some ground breaking technology but also an installation team complete with avid and experienced rock climbers.

The 2014 Black Eagle Cam has added improved streaming quality and glare reduction technology. New infrared LED lights which provide night vision will allow the viewer to witness the family 24 hours a day. Additionally, an omnidirectional microphone will capture the ambient sound of the  Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden, the massive waterfall adjacent to the nest, and hopefully the high pitched calls of the Black Eagle as well.

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Black Eagle 2014 Camera Setup


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