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The Black Eagle Won't Give Up: Lays A New Egg

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The Black Eagle Won't Give Up: Lays A New Egg

Every year Emoyeni, the Black Eagle of Roodekrans attempts to bring a new eaglet into the world. This year she laid two eggs that were unviable, but it appears now that this was not the end of the story for her.

Shortly after Emoyeni realised the eggs were not going to hatch she removed them from the nest, and then left herself. In the event she might return, Africam chose to keep the camera running. After a few weeks, Emoyeni started frequenting the nest once again and more importantly making improvements to it. This is typical behavior when the eagle is expecting to lay eggs.

We now have confirmation that Emoyeni has at least laid one new egg if not two. This incredible act of will truly shows her strength and intense determination, but the road going forward will not be an easy one. The first challenge is only weeks away, and we all hope this clutch will produce a healthy eaglet. If it does, the next step will be trying to raise the youngster so late in the year. The intense heat of summer, which is right around the corner, could make things difficult for the newborn.

For now, we can only watch, wait and hope for the best. Click the banner below to check in on the expecting mother.

UPDATE Aug 21: We can confirm that there are now 2 eggs on the nest.