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The Black Eagle's First Two Eggs Fail To Hatch

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The Black Eagle's First Two Eggs Fail To Hatch

Unfortunately, we have some sad news regarding the Black Eagle 2013 breeding season. Emoyeni's first two eggs that were expected to start hatching around May 30th appear to not be viable.

A statement from The Black Eagle Project:

"Unfortunately this year both eggs have not hatched. Garth reported that one egg had a small hole in it, but the chick was obviously too weak to break the egg shell open and died. The chick could also have been diseased, unfortunately we will never know the real reason. The second egg was reported to be a strange colour which from our experience is not a good sign and the egg could have been infertile or addled.

Where to from here??

This has happened in the past in the early 90’s and Emoyeni went on to lay another clutch later in the year where the eggs hatched. Nature is a funny thing and I firmly believe that she may easily lay again this season. The downfall of a late hatching is that the juvenile then fledges later in the year when the weather is getting hot. As you know the reason for Verreaux’s eagles to breed in winter is because the young chick cannot cope with the heat.

Should she lay again this season and both eggs do not hatch again I think we can safely say that her age has caught up with her. Although I think we need to go through another breeding cycle next year to be 100% about that."

Although these latest developments are unfortunate, as you read above all hope is not lost. Africam will continue to broadcast the Black Eagle Cam as long as the eagles remain. If Emoyeni should lay 2 more eggs we will of course let you all know through the site and our social media outlets. Here's to hoping for a second chance for Emoyeni and a healthy eagle chick this season.