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Black mamba kills British student

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Black mamba kills British student

A young British man who was studying to become a game ranger, is killed by a black mamba near Hoedspruit, South Africa.


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Tabs - well there is some indication that they may have learned something.  The last line - the snake HAS been released back into the wild where it belongs.


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Tabs (not verified)
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This is a story which should never have happened!

What on earth were the Bushwise trainers thinking about, allowing students to get close enough to a Black Mamba that they were in danger of being bitten?

The snake would have been very stressed at being held in captivity, without having students, and others, around  - and there are much better ways of learning about venomous animals than being allowed to get up close to them!

I feel very angry that this young guy has died due to the stupidity and ignorance of those who were supposed to be teaching him good (and safe) practices in the bush.

I can only hope that Bushwise has learned a very serious lesson and will review their practices and procedures to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again - there is no excuse for putting students at risk in this way.

samsher_99 (not verified)
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I read the story, sad indeed, so young and so much ahead. Just reminds us what they are all doing out there and how grateful we should be for this site as well. Never know when something will sneak up on you.

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Thanks Ingwe. We sometimes forget the realities of this eden we are privileged to see. Sad for his family.

karen-inVA (not verified)
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wow, sad story. thanks for sharing Ingwe.
Those Black Mambas are definitely nothing to take lightly are they. Bet that was a shock to every one not even realizing that he had gotten bitten until he showed signs of illness.

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