Naledi and Nkorho Cams are down. We are working on solutions.

black screen

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black screen

Firstly, thank you for offering this free service. I love watching and listening. I am a public school teacher and my students have enjoyed this as well. Recently, the sight comes up and displays all information (time, date, & temp.) but the screen is black. I am at home today and I am receiving fine with the exception of the flamingo cam. Is this an issue with my school network, or has your cameras been down? Thanks again. I hope to see all of this live someday.

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Yesterday the cams were down from a little after midnight till around 9am CAT.  You can usually tell when the cams are down by looking or ask in the daily created waterhole chat thread or you can check the cam status topic here if it had been updated. Otherwise it may be the school computer or network where the problem is.  It may have some sort of ad blocking software that blocks the ads and the cam stream that shows up in the flash media viewer.  Also the pc must have current version of Flash player.  Check with the IT administrator for information on your school network.  Hope this helps.


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