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blackbird nests in the backgarden

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blackbird nests in the backgarden

Hi guys just a little story for you with pictures Smiling

first picture this is the old nest site which sucsessfully produced one fledgling and an unhatched egg, sadly the nieghbours decided to cut the bush on the other side down after the birds had finished, they wanted to use the nest again but had made a new one here are the pictures so far Smiling

The old nest

Here is a blackbird unhatched egg which I found in the old nest Smiling so it will never hatch because its been cold for over a month so small

I just like this picture Smiling

As you can see this is her new nest and she is on eggs now but I only took one pic as to not disturb her but you can see her beak if I can will try to get pics of the youngsters when they hatch

And this is where the nest is in that bush right there, shes quite exposed so I am worried about her but i hope she can do it Smiling

All pictures taken within the last half an hour Smiling