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Blinking ads

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Blinking ads

   I know ads are necessary but those blinking ads at top drive me crazy!  Do you know that could cause seizures in some people?  Otherwise love the sight!

Lady in Michigan (not verified)
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I agree on the blinking avatars too.  Really hard on the eyes !!

Joan-NJ (not verified)
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  Thanks (and HI) Fani.  Looks like they took the bad blinkies off!  Thanks so much!  They really were very annoying.  Glad I wasn't the only one!SurprisedLaughing

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Joined: Feb 18 2006

I agree Joan (and hiSmile) ...and I always try to put them outside of view resizing the window....or moving it left to hide them out of screen......at least with ads I can do it ...If you talk about the cam's window that you can't resize ...Try to open it on internet explorer ...here is the addy http://www.africam.com/nkhoro_cam1.php

then you can resize it ...and hide everything

Unfortunately ads aren't the only blinking objects here. Several people post blinking objects everywhere..Sometime I enjoy them ...but when they are on avatars, signatures or on the first post every day ...then you can't hide them and you are oblidjed to see them continously

sweet mayapple (not verified)
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I agree.  They are worrisome and hard on the eyes.  Please no more blinkers.

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