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Botswana 2

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Botswana 2

Hey there all, again


Things here are still going well of course there have been a number of things which have happened since the last time I have written on here. We had a guest a little while ago who went out into the garden after dark ad scared a young male hippo which then ran into him and knocked him off his feet. Luckily both the hippo and the guest are fine and we have decided that it is far safer for all concerned that we no long leave the gates to the boma locked as no matter how many times you tell people not to go into the garden none of them really pay attention.... The owner here at the lodge is getting a new puppy soon to replace the one which we lost to a crocodile in april beautiful Irish Wolfhound which will make seamus happy again to have a brother back. The season for the snakes is quickly approaching one of the guides saw one of the biggest ever black mambas in the park and our frist snake at the lodge was also a black mamba which Panther our young black cat decided to help Greg to catch.... We have a new visitor at the lodge which is a lovely natured dog called Leopard she is a beatiful little puppy which manages to sneek around here whenever she gets the chance from next door.... Went out with the vet of Kasane a couple of weeks ago to see if we could find some abandoned leopard cubs out in one of the farming districts but to no avail sorry for that... the trees here are all starting to turn green already just waiting for a helping hand from the first drops of rain which will come soon enough. Leopards have been really active in town recently hunting the dogs in the streets and also braving the gardens to get a meal... Clay Wilson our local wildlife vet managed to capture and relocate one of them but we did not manage to get the other in time and landed up being destroyed upon leaving somones property... Amazing how there is just so much room here and invariably we still get animals human conflict wherever you go. As for the lodge and staff here they are doing great and we are still enjoying every minute of everything... We have a couple of photography grups here at the moment one group left this morning and the other group checks in on Monday great bunch of people and some really awesome pictures taken by all hoping to get a couple after they all get home and have sorted through everything... Anyways time to run again chat to you all again real soon take care love to all





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Bushie..lovely to hear from

Bushie..lovely to hear from you.  Thanks for the update. Take care Smiling


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Its good to hear from you

Its good to hear from you again Bushie.  Life sounds wonderful for you there.  Smiling


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