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Botswana - magical wildlife beautiful place

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Botswana - magical wildlife beautiful place

Hi all,


Thought this may be a chance to let you know how we were doing, since coming here to Botswana we have had an opportunity to see what we have always dreamed of with the changes in the chobe river and the wildlife. When we started here the water level was very high and from certain places around Kasane you could see what looked to be almost well a floodplain all the island under water and even some of the lodges in Nambia were under. The as the months have gone by we have seen the water level slowly dropping and the sheer size of the area once cover by water is now a fraction. The lodge and staff here with us in Kasane are really amazing and we are very happy and lucky to be where we are. Sometimes when we are in the quiet season we get to go out with the vehicles or on the boat and have a look around. We were out in the park a couple of weeks ago and were amazed to see a herd of about 700 ellies which is new for both Greg and myself. Most of the wildlife which we have seen while we have been here however has been in and around the town and in the forest reserve where we go walking with the dogs. We have seen wild dogs, lion, leopard, ellies, buff, sable, loads of plains game and of course loads of birds. Looking out from the lodge we look over a small portion of the chobe and into namibia onto the far bank the animals have not yet started moving down this far but we do get the night time visits from the occassional ellie and buff but moreso from the hippo or often come and graze on the lawn here by us. we will try and keep everyone update as much as we can about things here in the Northern most corner of Botswana. Has an amazing trip to etosha and saw so much it was great but now we are right into the swing of the busy season and the lodge will remain so until about the 2nd week of november.......


{{{africammers}}} hope you are all doing very welll


bushie and Greg



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Hi there Bushie, it all

Hi there Bushie, it all sounds very exciting.

You saw lots of great animals, as well as wild dogs - how fantastic!!

If you have any photos, it would be lovely to see them.

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Hey Bushie, great to hear

Hey Bushie, great to hear from you. You are both still missed around here. Glad all is going well for you both. Make sure you keep us up to date and try to send some pictures. Enjoy Life.


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Hi there bushie see you also

Hi there bushie see you also from bots we are down north in palapye been thinking about going to kasane been every where else in bots but what are the camp sites like up there and what tme of year is best

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Hi Bushie - it sound like a

Hi Bushie - it sound like a beautiful and exciting place to be.  I'm so glad you thought of us and decided to let us know what is going on in your lives.  As Donna says though - pictures would sure be appreciated.  Smiling


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Sounds wonderful, Bushie!

Sounds wonderful, Bushie! Great to hear from you and please keep us posted. Of course, would love to see pics, lol.


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