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Brett Wiggill

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Brett Wiggill

I have 'lost' a dear friend who, whilst he was not a registered Africammer, was a Wildlifecampus student and a keen environmentalist and I am posting this for anyone who 'knew' him via WLC.

Brett Wiggill was a man who, along with his wife Barbara (bushpig), tried to realise his dream of working in the bush, in Brett's case, as a chef and camp manager) late in life. He was successful in this in gaining positions in Game Reserves until cancer eventually took him from us a few days ago.

Brett (and Barbara) have proved themselves to be good and loyal friends over the years since I first 'met' them on the Wildlifecampus message board - and then in person when they were doing their eco-training at Sabi Sands and I met up with them there whilst I was staying at Djuma.

Brett was kind, considerate, generous to a fault, funny, hard-working and totally dedicated to his family and friends and I am devastated that he has gone and that I will never again get the chance to experience his humour or taste his recipes (he was a cordon-bleu cook and BOY was his food great!) or just chat to him about life and the bush!

There is a thread on the Wildlifecampus message board for anyone who knows Brett or Barbara to post their memories of him.


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Tabs, I'm sorry I didn't know him. After your description, I understand your loss. It sounds as if his life was full.

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