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Buffelshoek trust

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Buffelshoek trust

The next time you are watching one of the Africam live cams, and there is a lull in the entertainment, look below the cam view on your screen and you will see a link to Buffelshoek Trust...click on it. Just what is that you say? Well if you happen to be American, the first thing that might run through your mind is... “It’s a bank”, as many U.S. banks have the word “trust” in their titles. That’s what I assumed until I clicked ...and wow, was my assumption wrong, totally wrong. 
The Buffelshoek Trust is an amazing core group of people surrounded by many more extremely generous others that are dedicated to a cause that most of us haven’t been unaware of, until now. The Trust’s whole reason for existence is to help improve the lives of some of the most impoverished villages on the border of the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, specifically in the Mpumalanga region.  Our very own Campbell Scott is the Chief Operating Officer of the Trust and has been involved since it was merely an idea.
Campbell shared:
“It was through my involvement with Djuma that led to my involvement with Africam. Then with all our staff coming from the local community, the opportunity and the need for a concentrated effort into upliftment of this community became apparent. Together with a number of landowners in the Sabi Sands, we formed the Buffelshoek Trust to address these issues.”
Address these issues...just what does that mean? Way more than you can possibly imagine.  Be sure and check out the most recent Buffelshoek Newsletter for an update on the status of current projects. I believe you will be just as amazed as I was to find the huge efforts and amazing accomplishments this Trust has and will continue to do.
A tidbit of what you will find on their site:
The Buffelshoek Trust has, together with our partners, spent in excess of R20 million on the following:
* Constructed 3 crèches;
* Refurbished 6 primary and 2 secondary schools including constructing ablutions and administration blocks;
* Provided electricity for these schools;
* Built approximately 44 classrooms;
* Furnished 3 libraries;
* Instituted agricultural projects adjacent to the schools;
* Assists in the feeding of approximately 3000 learners daily;
* Built 7 computer centers;
* Provided water to 2 villages; and
* Spends approximately a million rand on training for teachers and learners annually.

Think that is amazing? This is barely a whisper of what they have accomplished. We encourage you to take a few minutes and peruse the site and explore the dreams of a few men that have turned into reality for thousands. Day by day, with lots of hard work, more and more dreams are being fulfilled. 
After checking the site, you may wonder how you can help if you live on the other side of the world. Next time someone asks you what you want for your birthday or other celebration day...perhaps a donation in your name to the Buffelshoek trust might be an option.  Every donation is appreciated, from the biggest check down to the handful of coins pulled out of a pocket.
”It’s a team effort and requires the time of what is mostly volunteers, like myself, that are fortunate enough to be allowed the time to pursue such a worthwhile cause.”   - Campbell Scott