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Lesser bushbaby – (Galago moholi)
These beautiful little animals belong to the primate order and the family Lorisidae. They are strictly nocturnal and arboreal (tree living) and have the amazing ability to jump between branches up to 3m apart in total darkness (nearly 10 feet). They have huge eyes and ears – both adaptations for enabling them to operate very effectively in the dark. Using it’s large ears the bushbaby can locate sound so precisely that it can catch insects in mid air. The eyes are so large that they cannot move in their sockets. Body colouring is an overall pale grey. They feed mainly on insects, spiders and tree gum – being particularly partial to Acacia gum. The long tail is bushy only towards the tip. Roosts in small groups in trees but generally forages alone. They have an unusual and elaborate scent marking technique referred to as “urine washing”. Balancing on the foot and hand of one hand they allow urine to dribble over the other hand and foot which the rub together. The process is then repeated for the opposite side. They then leave a damp trail of smelly foot and handprints along the branches and pathways through the trees. The sticky urine also gives them better grip.
They have an eerie, almost human sounding call.