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Bushbuck - did you know

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Bushbuck - did you know



Tragelaphus scriptus


  • Only male has horns
  • Lives in overlapping home ranges and whithin an area animals know each other and have a dominance hierarchy.
  • Are solitary, but groups may be seen feeding  peacefully in the same clearing.
  • Hierarchy among males is age-based.


  • When males get older the chestnut color changes to dark brown and the white marking become more conspicuous.
  • Are slow runners but good swimmers
  • Usually feeds at night and in early mornings or late evenings. If they are active during daytime it is usually in cool weather.


  • Are exceptionally aggressive. Males will fight to the death over females and there are records of a bushbuck fatally goring a human.
  • Males have a very loud bark, females also bark but less loudly.


  • Babies are born in dense bushes and lie out for 4 months before accompanying their mother in the open and are mature by 1 year. Male horns will reach adult size around 3 years.


  • The bushbuck is very well camouflaged while standing in cover.
  • Shoulder height : male 80 cm, female 70 cm




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