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Busy Time of Year?

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Busy Time of Year?

With the Holiday Season upon us, we might find that spending our usual time in front of the cams has been shortened due to shopping, baking, wrapping and mailing.  Not everyone gets caught up in the hustle bustle of this time of year, but for a lot of us the stress can be just a little overwhelming.  So...when we get a minute we sit down and open up the live cam, hoping for a glimpse of a critter.  Then the phone rings, the oven timer dings, and you realize you forgot to mail that last package, so up you go...no time for cams. 

Never fear...there are some of us that do have time, so we’ll watch for you.  A recently posted video is one that not only shows us some of the most poignant moments of the last few months, but has music attached to it that may bring childhood memories back to some that watch, appropriate for this time of year.  So take a peek, and keep an eye on the video section. Our members have amazing skill and dedication to Africam and its critters. And while you’re checking the video section, if you have some clips tucked away that need to be shared, put them together and post them! Believe me, when those holiday moments make you wonder where all your time went, a video packed with critters will make you smile!  Enjoy.... 

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Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for sharing this video clips.

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