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'Cacaphony At Nkorho'

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'Cacaphony At Nkorho'

 I was just inspired to write this and thought I'd share it here:


I hear warbles and caws,
Roars and squawks.
The language of nature,
When the critters talk.

Not always easily seen,
But certainly heard,
Lulling my spirit,
With their melodious word.

It's a symphony of simplicity,
A chorus of creation,
In a languid language,
Of their daily recreation.

I am mesmerized and soothed,
Like a balm, it does heal.
Clearing out your mind,
And making you blindly feel.

But now, I must leave,
I must go watch and listen, some more.
For I've no idea, what next,
Nkorho has for me, in store.

 ©Cathy Faist 2008

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Joined: Oct 28 2007

Awesome, keep them coming

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Joined: Feb 18 2006

That's beautiful, Cathy, it touched my soul! Smile

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Joined: Oct 21 2006

Awesome Just awesome!!!!!!!

Thank you


jandd86 (not verified)
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What an awesome poem Cathy, it so captures the spirit of the Pan. Great job!


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