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Cam Info

Cam Info

Each of our cams have a unique history and infrastructure to support it. This requires the commitment of many people and organisations that include the nature reserves, conservation bodies, game parks and dedicated people whose passion it is to share their love of wildlife.

Here are some of our more important camera locations (click on orange markers)


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Below, you will find specific information about each camera: location, content, type of cam, the best time to view and images taken from each camera.

Each camera is customized to its particular location. Often, as is the case with most wildlife cams, the cams are remote far from mains electricity, telecommunications infrastructure and other resources. As a result, alternative power sources are deployed such as windmills and solar panels. Leading edge telecommunications are utilised and include satellite, fibre optic and innovative wireless technology.

This often results in some operational and technical challenges in setting up and maintaining the camera infrastructure. It is not unusual to have interference with cams, from humans, weather, terrain and animals alike - not to mention some vigorous Africam storms !


Live streaming cameras:

These cameras are streaming LIVE video from their remote locations in the African bush with stereo sound 24/7.

Current Live streaming cameras are:

Live refresh cameras:

The refresh cameras broadcast real time still images at certain time intervals, for example every 30sec. Please see each camera for their specific refresh rate.

Current refresh cameras are:


Please note that where possible certain refresh cameras are equipped with an artificial light source for night time viewing. Please check individual camera pages for more details.

Best viewing times:

For most cameras the best viewing times are early morning and late afternoon South African time (GMT+2). There will be a steady flow of animals throughout the day across the various cameras with the night time viewing always producing something rare and special.


We recommend signing up for our Facebook or Twitter Alerts so we can inform you when the animals are around and you don't miss an exciting sighting.





Depending on daylight saving which will vary from summer to winter, the following is a guide based on the time difference from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

  • Central African Time: +2 (two hours ahead)

  • Central Standard Time USA: -6 hours (six hours behind)

  • Central European Time: +1 hour (one hour ahead)

  • Central Standard Time Australia: +9 hours 30 minutes (nine hours thirty minutes ahead)


BirdPics's picture

Oh ok. Thanks

Oh ok. Thanks Smiling

donnabac's picture

Hello BirdPics,The cams don't

Hello BirdPics,

The cams don't necessarily stream in 360p.

Africam uses that as a code reference at this point, but it has no real meaning when it comes to the resolution or bit rate of the stream.


BirdPics's picture

The cams stream in 360p, am I

The cams stream in 360p, am I right? Just going by when a cam is down it says e.g. Stream not found "ep.stream_360p". Correct me if I'm wrong

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This  is  the  control panel

This  is  the  control panel zoomies use  (ptz) .

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The cams are in color only

The cams are in color only during the day just as your own eyes see in black and white with limited light.  In the mornings EP and TE automatically change over to daylight settings.  NK has to be done manually but is having problems currently.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.... especially when the cams go down.

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I think these cams are

I think these cams are really great.  Are the live streaming cams always to be in black & White.  I see that the Africam Video Highlights are in color and thought it would be wonderful if the streaming video was also. Maybe it is not possible due to contraints of money and manpower, but I was just curious. I think I remember seeing color in one the other day...maybe just early hours I get to see don't have the right lighting.

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i dont know the same thing

i dont know the same thing happend to me there was a whole heard of elephants all different sizes.Cool

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Hi guineapiglover - you can

Hi guineapiglover - you can find info on taking and posting pictures here.

You can also post in our daily chat thread for more help - there is usually someone available there to answer questions.  Today's thread is here and a new one will start at midnight CAT.

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hi i am new to this site , i

hi i am new to this site , i was wondering  how to take video's or pics. Because today i saw alot of bulls , deer and one zebra.The other day i saw a ram he was in the water.

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I'am new at this WOOOWA'

I'am new at this WOOOWA' This is great .I'am watching from Florida'



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