Naledi and Nkorho Cams are down. We are working on solutions.

Cam Status

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Cam Status

UPDATE: Telkom have a popped 'Laser card' at the Middelburg exchange, of which we are completely reliant upon - its also just off the major grid as it were & a new card has to be shipped in. We have no ETA as yet 

Hi All ,

We have to apologise for the poor service over the last 36 hours(up to now at least).

Telkom South Africahave been having serious outages , in fact this has been so for the last few weeks. They do not appear to be able to supply the service they committed to or that we as 'Çammers deserve. Unfortunatly they are de facto the monopoly here and we have very little choice but to use them.

We are trying our utmost to get this resolved




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Thanks Jon Olifants River game reserve north of NK and EP have also been without tele comunications for the past two days.  Seems it is a large grid.  Thanks for the update.


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Thanks Jon, nothing you can do about this. We still have refresh cams! Maybe you must invest more in still cams? Smiling

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