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Cam Viewing no luck

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Cam Viewing no luck

Good morning Africam - I have just returned from kruger Park and what a view we had - flowers and water like I have not seen for a long time and we go often during the year. I thought I was on the west Coast - flower time - so many different species and colours. Took a photo of a cheetah standing amongst yellow flowers. friend can't believe it was taken in kruger Park.

PLEASE help - I could not log on before we left and that was early December. Now I still can't log on - all I see is a little ring in the centre of the page going round and round.

What can I do. My computer have been updated as you suggested before I left - but still no luck.

I also don't see many daily sightings as we used to see every day on your site where it shows?

Thanks in anticipation for your help. I do miss this free viewing.....


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can you send me your computer specs, internet connection speed and what operating system you are using. We can take it from there.

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