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Hey guys and gals. (or should that be gals and guys?)

It's been a long time since I was around this forum.

I want to buy a camera and have narrowed it down to a few different models. The choices are the Canon 1100D or the Canon 500D (unless I can rob a bank or some junk and get the 550D)

The objective is to get a bundle which will include an 18 to 55 IS (image stabiliser) lens as well as a 75 to 300mm lens.

Both come in around the same sort of price bracket so I need some input on what camera would be better.

Got some confusing info from someone who said that even tho the 1100 has less pixels (12Mp) than the 500 at 15Mp, the qulaity of image would be better on the 1100.

Please someone clear this up for my limited understanding.

BunnyHugger (not verified)
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hmmm, thanks for the replies (I think??) So there is no-one on this forum who has some kind of camera knowledge?? Wow, seems hopping off to pastures greener may be the answer.

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Welcome Back Bunnyhugger!  I am also camera ignorant but I hope you get an answer Smiling.

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Hi and welcome back BunnyHugger. I am not sure if we are in postition to help you with a camera choice. Maybe ask some of the fine photographers on FB Chad Cocking, Richard Garnet Miller, Katja Boll to name a few. They are excellent wildlife photographers.

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