Cat-EYE and Nkorho Cams are down. We are working on solutions.

Camera and sound quality

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Camera and sound quality

Hi I wonder why the camera view is out of focus.  I can see but it is not clear.  It seems to get a better view further into the day.

Also I have been getting static for several weeks and have not seen an answer in the forum.  Where would you post that information. 

Do you know yet why we are getting static instead of the regular animal sounds?

Thank your for your patience with all the questions and have I posted the question in the correct place.

Thank you.

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Is there any update on the sound quality that Africam is experiencing?



Away2me (not verified)
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So the buzzing sound is not just on my computer! Wink I just switched to a Mac and decided to bring up Africam and I was completely bummed out by the buzzing. I hope it gets fixed soon! 

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Just wondering about the's been over a month and I so miss the sounds of Africa. The birds, the hyenas, the rhinos walking up to the watering hole. I've been lucky enough to have visited Africa twice and the sounds really are amazing. I am so appreciative of the cam, but the static is keeping me away. Any idea when it may be fixed?

CallieG (not verified)
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Thank you  Katja.  Patience is a hard one to do but I will take it as one of those things I have to practice.

Thanks for all the hard work you guys are doing and I am looking forward to your new system.  Good luch and here is hoping the process goes smothly for all of you that are working on the change.


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Do you know yet why we are getting static instead of the regular animal sounds?


Africam is working on fixing the problem.  

Yesterday I got this reply from Africam:

"I am on to it but it will take a few weeks, we are changing the system."


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