Naledi and Nkorho Cams are down. We are working on solutions.


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Hi there - PLEASE help.........I get a picture after an advert - then the circle goes and goes and goes and I don't get the llife video recording from the camera.  Two days ago all was working now this.  Does everyone see the advert?  What can I do from my side......miss my daily input.  Thank you kindly - Ballito

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I wasn't here at that time, but looking in the forum chat it doesn't look like others were having any problem with the cams.  When I have had such a thing happen it is due to drop in internet download speed.  I have had problems if I am getting less then 1 Mbps download speed. You can test your speed at or any other of the many test sites.  Generally try to use closest server site to do the test and have streaming cams and other high interent use items stopped while testing.  Hope this helps.


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