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cams down again

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cams down again

I havent been a member here long but it seems like the cams are always down... at some point of the day the cams dont work at all.... why is this ?? I see there is a place to donate money and i would but I dont like to give money to something i cant view when i want to view... this is to be 24 7 real life viewing time and its   whenever the cams are running time... i would like to know why there are o many problems with the cams.. i have taken alot of screenshots of the animals and posted them in the forum but i just would love to sign on and view the animals and the cams seem to be down alot since i became a member... i cant say how long they have had this problem i have not been a member for long just gets frustrating that the cams are always down...

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Hi there, gottalovepugs. I can sure relate to your frustration, but please keep in mind how amazing it is that these cams are there -- out in the open where the weather is often severe, including temps. I've been a cammer since these cams were all just still cams on a periodic refresh.....the live streaming never ceases to amaze me. I have colleagues in Pretoria who have power outages WAY more often than these cams, and they are in a capital city! One of the most important functions of sites like this is to generate worldwide interest in the wildlife and the parks, which will keep them going for future generations. Keep camming and keep posting -- the cams will be back!

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Hello gottalovepugs,  I hope this helps answer your quesiton...

Please read this sticky:  click here


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