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Can someone answer this for me :o)

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Can someone answer this for me :o)

I used to come to the cam a lot, but life happened and I haven't been here is quite some time. 

Can someone tell me what is up with the sound?  I mean, the night sounds used to be crickets and regular night noises. Now it sounds like a constant wind storm mixed with growling animals and such. I don't understand. Is something just wrong with the sound? Is it always this way now?  I used to love to listen to it, even fall asleep to it, but now I just mute it because it doesn't sound like normal night sounds anymore.

 Has it been this way long?

TIA for any input

jwoodcrafts (not verified)
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Thanks!   I knew it sounded like the wind mixed with roaring and just didn't know what to think about that. LOL

 Hopefully the winds will die down soon and I can hear my normal night sounds again. Cool

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Welcome back! They have had unusual high winds with wildfire danger the last few days. The microphones have also been upgraded which is a great thing ...when the wind is not blowing. Smiling

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Hi Jwoodcrafts...if you've been tuning in just recently, there's been a lot of wind on and off at the waterholes the last few weeks.  Hopefully it will die down soon and we will be back to the normal critter sounds.


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