Tembe cam has no audio and Nkorho cam is down. We are working on a solution. Thank you for your patience

can't get the video feed to play once the pop up window comes up

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can't get the video feed to play once the pop up window comes up

hi, I'm able to pull up the NP and EP screens to view the area but all I get is the black screen. when I try to click on play it doesn't do anything at all. they were working earlier. does anyone know if this is a camera/site issue or something that I don't know about with my computer? I've even tried emptying the temp files and cookies on my computer. thanks!

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thanks a bunch, it's coming up for me now!

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the EP cam has been  down for almost 2 hrs but the NK cam should be working ok.  I just checked using IE and and also with firefox getting the cam via the main page green button and pop  up cam from the link in the orange area and all seem to work ok for me.  Have you made any changes/updates since it last worked?  Try a reboot of pc? 


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