Cant join chat :(

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Cant join chat :(

Hello, I have just signed up, and I am logged in (obviously)! I went to go on to the chatroom and it asked me to sign in, but every time i tried to send a message into the chat it kept asking me to log in. The details I am entering are right! Why cant I join in the chat? Sad





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hi Sophie,

Although Africam uses that chat feature, when they lock the room so guests can't chat, you need to be logged in with a ustream registered name.  You can register with ustream at   When they don't have the room locked you can either log in with your ustream name, or type /nick nickname for a temporary use nickname.  If it doesn't work add a number or _ to the temp nickname since it might be in use already otherwise you can just talk as a ustream guest with a utream number assigned for that session. log in does not effect things with the ustream chat.   I hope this helps.


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