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Can't log into chat

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Can't log into chat

I can log into Africam no problem, but when I go to chat I can not change my nick from ustreamer and a number to my registered nick.  The appearance of the chat board has changed so I am wondering if a new system has been implemented and still has some bugs.  Any ideas?



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Michael I just checked the NK cam with chat and it is working.  Be sure to give it a couple minutes to load.  Let us know if you still have a problem with it.


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michael j mckenzie (not verified)
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i can go 2 chat but the chat page is blank whats wrong....


camfan1 (not verified)
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Hi Mom, did that work for you? If not let us know...if you go into ustream and log in, tell it to remember you, then go to the Nkhoro room chat room it should let you in with your user name...if not holler.  Or if you are just going in to the chat room as a guest, you can change you nick name by typing     /nick newname   then hit the send button.  You need to start typing with the slash mark first.  Do it in the chat text box as if you were going to talk. 

Example: mine would be:  

/nick camfan

Hope this helps!

Gerda (not verified)
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Hi Mom,

try changing your nick to a 6-letter word. I think that should work


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