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Carte Blanche Flamingo Island Article

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Carte Blanche Flamingo Island Article

Hi, just joined after seeing the Carte Blanche article on Flamingo Island on MNET. Fascinating, congrats to Ekapa Mining for building the island. Nice to see mines don't only want to mine our dunes but also contribute to conservation. Most of the large mining organisations do have conservation areas around their mines, to their credit.

 I remember seeing the flamingos in the park in Hong Kong in Kowloon and as kids we lived in Welkom, Freestate, for a while and we used to drive out to the pans to watch the flamingos.

 The Flamingo cam seems to be down though but the others are alive, perhaps flooded by the demand:-)

Great work


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Welcome to Africam, Peter!  The baby flamingo's are really fun to watch them!


Enjoy the Journey!   Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away!       Hazel

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Welcome to Africam Peter! Smiling


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