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cat sighting NP

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cat sighting NP

At 11:30 pacific time, I spotted a cat at NP crouched & drinking.  I don't know what species, but it was small, spotted, with pointed ears.  Civit e.i., or cervil?

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Joined: Jun 30 2008

Hallo mzcody2000.

It was a serval you did  see.

I also want  to let you know that we have  the daily BOMA forum.

There we talk what we see and hear from the cams.

Today's Boma forum you can find here.

Hope we will see you there !!!!!

Happy camming.

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Hi Mzcody,

Good spot!  It was indeed a Serval - very rare little cat and I can't believe I missed him (or her). 

There are some lovely pics here

If you have any questions there are always helpful folks in the daily chat thread.  Here

That's the thread for today, a new one is made at midnight (CAT - African) time.



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