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Central Africa Is Forming An Army Of 1000 Soldiers To Protect Its Elephants

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Central Africa Is Forming An Army Of 1000 Soldiers To Protect Its Elephants

The Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) have released a statement showing they plan to take swift and immediate action to save the wild elephants in their region.

This comes in response to the massive killing spree by Sudanese poachers that has been plaguing the area. Last week's slaughter of elephants in Chad, and last year's horrific poaching of 300 elephants are both believed to have been carried out by this group.

The Central African states plan to use up to 1000 soldiers and law-enforcement to try and defend the remaining wild elephants. The plan also includes a wide variety of military equipment from aerial support to a joint real-time military command. The effort is expected to cost an estimated 1.8 million euros.

WWF was quick to applaud the emergency measures. “This is fantastic news. ECCAS and its member states deserve to be congratulated for their determination to once and for all stop these elephant killers,” said Bas Huijbregts, head of the Central African strand of WWF’s campaign against illegal wildlife trade.

Is there anything you can do to help? Of course. You can start by learning more about the WWF initiative to stop illegal wildlife trade HERE. You can also use the power of social media by taking snapshots of the animals we are trying to protect and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter HERE

Africam is a proud partner with WWF and their #killthetrade campaign.

<source: WWF>

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 I am at a lost why the

 I am at a lost why the hunters don't understand if they hunt the elephants they will become extinct and if they become extinct it is a lost for everyone.


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This is very good news, I

This is very good news, I pray they can get to the root of this madness.

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