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Changes and new things to come

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Changes and new things to come

Dear Members.

Africam was the first in the world to bring you live images from the African bush, and we where the first to bring you live streaming video of the daily trails and tribulations of an African waterhole. Being the first has definitely had its challenges and has resulted in countless delays. Africam has in the past 6 months consolidated its resources, concentrating on the technology that brings you live stream video from Africa. Over the next few days and weeks you will see a number changes to the website and lots of other changes behind the scenes.

As many of you know for the past 14 months we have been streaming through a company in Canada called Wavelit. Now with the support and help of Kids in the Nest (, we have decided to move away from Wavelit, and run our streaming content independently. Kids in the Nest is a non profit educational society dedicated to educating our children on wildlife and environmental issues. We welcome them to the Africam family, especially Ms Charlie whose dedication and support has helped us over this period.

This new move will allow us to be the masters of our own destiny, and less reliant on other companies and organizations for the delivery of our content. Soon we will also be operating on our new, VPN network in South Africa that will allow us to expand and add additional content like the much anticipated Elephant Plains waterhole. The delay in this regards has been due to our local service provider having to upgrade the local provincial network in order to get the capacity to take on an additional feed. We expect that with this new network we will be able to add additional content quicker and more effectively bringing you more cameras and greater diversity from around South Africa.

Lastly, Africam is made up of a small group of highly dedicated individuals, who have committed everything to bringing you live content. Africam is free to all viewers and we have not restricted the number of people that can watch simultaneously. Few people realize the cost of streaming such content from Africa and as a result we rely on advertising revenue to fund our operation, we are looking into alternative revenue models for those of you who find the advertising offensive especially the Kids. But for now we would appreciate you patients.




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